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Finding the Right Content Marketing Pros to Get Your Message Out

Freelance Copywriters, Digital Content Consultants, and Marketing Agencies Meet Different Business Needs

Choosing an outsourced content collaborator depends on the strategic business need that the content is intended to address and the resources available to accomplish that objective. Need a quick hit for the blog, a content cannon to lay siege to the market, or a digital wingman to have your back throughout a campaign? Here is Vector West’s take on three types of external digital marketing services.

The Freelance Bandage

Small businesses rely on them and sometimes, even larger corporations with robust marketing departments need an extra pair of hands to crank out a blog post or two. Freelance copywriters and content creators are adept at filling specific, short-term gaps. For companies in a pinch, they also tend to be less expensive with a faster turnaround.

Freelancers work quickly and focus on the technical aspects of copywriting such as word count, a tight structure, and topic-specific SEO keywords. They do their best work when given clear purpose and direction. The client needs to have a content strategy in place and know exactly how the freelancer’s content fits into the bigger picture to achieve optimal results. Start-ups and small businesses with minimal marketing capabilities may not see the expected return on investment when outsourcing their content marketing efforts over a longer term.

The business leader is left to organize the chaos after hiring an army of freelancers. What originally seemed like a cost-saving option ends up eating away limited resources over time. The freelancers’ commitment to the business is also relatively low and they aren’t as invested in its success. They do the job they’re told to do even if it strays from clients' goals.

Go Big or Go Bigger with a Digital Ad & Marketing Agency

Cash out a retirement account because agency projects and campaigns start between $3,000 – 5,000 per month plus onboarding fees and add-ons. The sky’s the limit depending on the scale and service requirements. Well established brands have the deep pockets necessary to go this route and even then, they utilize agencies sparingly.

The two main advantages of a full-service digital marketing agency are high quality products that cover a variety of channels and the client isn’t expected to think or participate very much in the process. Let the marketing magicians do their thing, heck, you're paying them enough for it. In the military, this is called a fire-and-forget weapon. It’s a crazy-expensive guided missile with the latest and greatest technology that takes little skill to actually use and, once it’s off the rails, it just knows how to do what it’s supposed to do.

That infusion of razzle-dazzle intensity blows the competition away and rattles the market's cage something fierce. Clients exceed their goals for that quarter as new customers bang down the doors. Then, a few months or cycles pass. The parade rounds the corner leaving a trail of soiled confetti and crumpled streamers in its wake. Fun what do we do? That other retirement account isn’t going to mature overnight.

The Reliable Content Marketer

Somewhere in between the two is the content marketing consultant who’s more invested in the client’s business than the freelancer and easier to collaborate with on long-term goals than the oversized agency. With a set of specialized skills, management experience, and a network of professionals to call upon for larger projects, the consultant is the better option for businesses seeking guidance and a range of creative services.

Content Marketing Consultants like Vector West are primed to assist small and mid-sized businesses establish and execute their content strategies. They also serve to augment larger company’s marketing teams while providing deliverables on complex projects. Consultants bring years of experience and a depth of knowledge in several fields that translate to delivering high-quality content based on focused, strategic messaging.

When marketing resources are limited or non-existent, a consultant can help launch a cost-effective content marketing strategy off the ground. The business may not even have the resources to cover consistent advertising, which is why having a tailored content strategy is so critically important. Best of all, the client owns the end result, which is a sustainable strategy that the management team can implement with a few simple tools and techniques.

Don't Obfuscate, Collaborate

Yes, this article is completely biased but there are certain unavoidable realities when wading into the turbulent waters of outsourced digital marketing. If nothing else, understand that all digital marketing activities need to stem from a strategy with component business goals. Without that, content creation happens with little purpose and few results. With a goal in mind and a dedicated budget, go forth and conquer the market with a content marketing provider who's on board with your distinctive vision.

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